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4+ Years

Pre-K can provide four-year-olds with a strong foundation for academic and personal success. By supporting their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development, Pre-K programs can help children become confident learners who are prepared for the challenges of kindergarten and beyond.


School Readiness

Our Pre-K program can help prepare your child for the transition to kindergarten by providing a structured learning environment and introducing them to academic concepts and routines.

In addition to learning how to follow routines your child will learn taking direction from teachers, and engage in age-appropriate academic activities. Early exposure to academic concepts and school routines can help children feel more confident and prepared when starting kindergarten.

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Positive Socialization

Children learn how to share, take turns, cooperate, and resolve conflicts through play-based activities and structured classroom routines. They also learn how to form positive relationships with teachers and other adults.

Physical Development

Pre-K provides children with opportunities for physical activity and gross motor development. They develop coordination, balance, and strength through active play and outdoor activities.

Cognitive Development

Pre-K exposes children to new experiences and concepts, such as pre-literacy and numeracy skills, and problem-solving. Early exposure to academic skills and challenges can also help prepare them for success in later schooling.

Emotional Development

Pre-K can help young children develop self-confidence and emotional resilience. Children also learn how to regulate their emotions, manage stress, and cope with changes and transitions.

Schedule. Two Program Offerings.

3-Day AM meets three mornings per week. Children work together on pre-reading skills, phonics, and vocabulary. Basic math concepts such as sorting and patterns are explored. "Learn through play" pervades all of these lessons. Teachers will assess students for Kindergarten readiness. This in-depth assessment serves as a benchmark while preparing children for impending school district assessments.

5-Day meets Monday through Friday mornings. Those enrolled in the 5-Day program will have one extra day of enrichment with a relevant theme. The curriculum is similar yet more in-depth than that of the 3-Day AM class. During the school year children will build a foundation that will serve them well in Kindergarten and beyond. The Kindergarten assessment will determine if there are any areas that require more practice.

Snack Time!

Parents are encouraged to pack their kiddos a snack.

Environment. A supportive space.

Our program provides opportunities for children to grow and practice self-help skills, such as using the bathroom independently.

Our teachers and staff create positive relationships with children and families.

Parent Communication.

Children benefit from a strong partnership between parents and teachers. Our program fosters open communication with families in our positive and safe environments.

Teachers will conduct regular check-ins, provide progress reports, and parent-teacher conferences to keep families informed of their child's development.

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Our Programs

Ages 24 - 36 Months

Toddlers are at a critical stage of development so we tailor the curriculum to their individual unqiue needs.

Ages 3+

Three-year-olds are at an age where they are developing social skills and learning how to interact with their peers.

Ages 4+

Pre-K can provide four-year-olds with a strong foundation for academic and personal success.

STEAM Program

An exciting enrichment opportunity at GAPNS. Themed sessions are broken down into 6-week segments for both enrolled students and preschool-aged children outside of GAPNS. Past themes included "Fall in Love with Fall", "Kinder Kitchen", and "Once Upon a Time."

Summer Camp

Summer Camp at GAPNS is strictly fun! Each week is a different theme. Campers will have a blast with craft projects, singing and dancing, and outdoor water play. Camp weeks will be announced at the Spring Membership Meeting.