• Terry Arleo - Lead Teacher - Terry is the lead teacher for all 2- and 3-day programs for three and four-year olds. She has been teaching at GAPNS for nearly two decades, and the 2017-18 academic year will mark her nineteenth year at the school.

    Terry’s Philosophy: “Working with young children is something I’ve always loved. I want the children in my class to learn to be thinkers, to feel confident and secure in front of a group, but also to realize that learning is fun, so they develop a real love of school.”

  • Marie Moran - Lead Teacher - Marie is the lead teacher for the four- to five-day program at GAPNS, open to any child who is eligible for kindergarten the following Fall. Marie also teaches the Plus Programs for three- and four-year olds. She has permanent certification from New York State to teach children from newborn to sixth grade, as well as a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from Marist College. Marie has been teaching at GAPNS since 2008. Prior to that she taught first grade for two-and-a-half years. 

    Marie’s Philosophy: “I look for what it is that a child has. Each child has something different — for example some are shy and quiet but very artistic. I want to find out what it is and bring it out in them. That way children can learn using the skills they’re good at. Because kids are all very different…”

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