Parent Involvement

One of the things that sets GAPNS apart from other preschools is the aspect of parent involvement. As a co-operative run preschool, parents and teachers come together to run the school efficiently and soundly. This structure creates a community for our children and parents and allows tuition to be lower than other local preschools. The levels of involvement may include volunteering to take an Executive Board position, attending/supporting fundraisers and functions hosted by GAPNS, volunteering to be class parent, and by contributing to the operation of the school via participation in events.

Some examples of these events include the following:

Weeding the playground
Painting the classroom
Delivering fundraiser materials
Setting up for the annual Book Fair
Sprucing the classrooms

While we hope every family will participate in these events we understand this may not possible for everyone. We do offer an alternative option for parents who do not wish to participate by paying a one-time $300 opt-out fee which we ask to be included with your September tuition.