Executive Board

Board Member Position Contact
Keri Regimbal President [email protected]
Jen Rojas Vice President [email protected]
Keara Cronin Treasurer [email protected]
Mallory Drury Assistant Treasurer [email protected]
Kelly Menkens Secretary [email protected]
Tirzah Jorrey Registrar [email protected]
Sarah Barbariantz Registrar [email protected]

Role Responsibilities

President: The president exercises general executive authority on behalf of the group within limits of the constitution; acts as the official school representative to all organizations except as delegated; transmits all official communications between teachers and members.

Vice President: The Vice President oversees all committees; assumes all the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence; assists other officers as requested.

Secretary: The Secretary takes attendance at meetings; keeps minutes of the general membership meetings; maintains the master roster; conducts correspondence; maintains correspondence and other records; maintains the member handbook; collects mail from the post office; coordinates the Nominating Committee.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of revenues; disbursement of funds; maintains proper books of accounts and the treasurer reports.

Assistant Treasurer: The Assistant Treasurer, under the supervision and review of the Treasurer, collects and records tuition payments; records and deposits funds from revenue-generating events in a bank designated by the Executive Board, and any other duties the Treasurer deems necessary.

Registrar: Registrars receive the registration forms and fees and maintain the enrollment records of all programs; produce the class rosters; keep updated medical records of students; maintain a waiting list for the programs; respond to inquiries about our school and its programs; host the Open Houses.