GAPNS is home to two Pre-Kindergarten programs: 3-Day AM and 4/5-Day

3-Day AM meets three mornings per week.  Children work together on pre-reading skills, phonics, and vocabulary.  Basic math concepts such as sorting and patterns are explored.  "Learn through play" pervades all of these lessons.  Teachers will assess students for Kindergarten readiness.  This in-depth assessment serves as a benchmark while preparing children for impending school district assessments.

4/5-Day meets either Tuesday through Friday or Monday through Friday mornings.  Those enrolled in the 5-Day program will have one extra day of enrichment with a relevant theme.  The curriculum is similar yet more in-depth than that of the 3-Day AM class.  During the school year children will build a foundation that will serve them well in Kindergarten and beyond.  The Kindergarten assessment will determine if there are any areas that require more practice.












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