Scholastic Book Club and Book Fair Committee

The Book Club/Book Fair Committee is responsible for working with Scholastic Books to offer ordering opportunities for our general membership. GAPNS has a great relationship with scholastic and we are able to keep our school library up-to-date with new books from the credits we earn through ordering.

Scholastic Book Club

  • Distribute flyers the first week of the month
  • Collect order forms and place orders mid-month
  • Fill orders and deliver books/software as soon as they come in (usually 7-10 days after order is placed).

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair coincides with GAPNS annual February Open House. The Book Fair typically runs from Thursday to Saturday of the weekend of Open House. Dates for the book fair are established one year in advance. Please talk to the Vice President for dates.

  • In September, the chair of the committee should contact Scholastic to confirm the Book Fair dates and reserve Clifford or another character for the Book Fair at that time. The chair should touch base with the Vice President and Secretary to make sure that appropriate space for hosting the Book Fair has been reserved with the church.
  • The chair and committee should meet in December to establish a theme for the book fair as well as divvy up responsibilities including coordinating with Public Relations to make sure the event is well publicized.
  • The chair and committee should touch base during the month of January to make sure all tasks are being completed.
  • Keep the membership informed with flyers and emails. We want to build momentum for a great book fair and open house.
  • Utilize the PR committee for all advertising.


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