Public Relations Committee

Promotions and advertising for the school is vital for its success. The Public Relations committee also entails knowing how the public feels about our school. We should continually assess how our school is perceived, how our programs are succeeding or failing with our own membership, and how we want our school to be seen in the community. These are all things a marketing committee headed by our Public Relations Chair can do.

Public Relations is essential to the future success of GAPNS and keeping this great co-operative preschool going. Below is a list of general guidelines used in the past for GAPNS promotions and advertising.

Paid Advertising
With the rise of social media use, paid advertisements in local newspapers have not been utilized in recent years. All ads should be run by the Board (both content and pricing) before they are placed. Paid advertisements on Facebook are inexpensive and can be beneficial for getting the word out about open house events.

Free Advertising
Submit photos to the hometown newspapers - Goshen Independent and Chronicle - as frequently as possible. Contact names and submission information are listed below. You will work with the class moms to get the photos to you. Examples of photos: first day of school, classroom activities, parties, special guests, holiday time, class trips. It’s really fun to see our kids in the photos and a great, free way for GAPNS happenings to appear in the news! Supply a sentence or two about the photo(s) being submitted. Sometimes a longer paragraph or two is appropriate for something like a community service project. Contact teachers, class moms, or appropriate parents for the first names of the children and any other information.

Check with registrars to make sure all photo release forms have been signed and you may also want to check with parents of children in photos before submitting.

For special news items, consider submitting to Barbara Bedell, columnist for the Times Herald-Record. Orange Magazine and Goshen Quarterly are also publications to consider for photos from the Spring Fundraiser.

Other Responsibilties

The PR committee is also responsible for posting fliers around local Goshen businesses announcing the book fair, open houses, and open enrollment. Please contact flier developer for updated fliers. Places to post fliers: Library, Quick Stop, Howell’s Sunflower Café, Elsies’ Not Just Bagels, Orange Bakery, Village Hall, Amore’s Pizzeria, Redendo’s Pizzeria and any other establishments that permit fliers to be posted.

PR is also responsible for updating our Facebook pages (both private and public) with upcoming events such as book fair and open houses.

The PR chairperson should make contact with other committee chairs (particularly the Fundraising and Special Events Committee) to help with publicizing events, such as the Spring Fundraiser.

Media Contacts

Goshen Independent

Tom Leek


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Go to The Chronicle Homepage and click "Submit a Press Release or Announcement" at the bottom of the page. Follow additional prompts.


Times Herald Record

Go to The Times Herald Record Homepage and under "Submissions" click on "Photos". Follow additional prompts.


Orange Magazine

Scene in Orange Section

Brenda Gilhooly, Editor

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Goshen Quarterly

Goshen Quarterly


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