GAPNS Buildings and Grounds Committee

The committee responsibilities are to maintain indoor and outdoor school property by making repairs, painting, etc. This is usually done by the request of the Board.

The committee chairperson is responsible for organizing and delegating work that needs to be done and to purchase any supplies that are needed, making sure the committee stays within the pre-set budget. If outside sources are needed or replacements are necessary, it should be brought to the attention of the Board for approval.

Annual responsibilities include:

In August and/or April – Outside
The playground must be raked and cleaned of all debris and checked for safety. Check the equipment for safety, ensuring that everything is in proper working order. Repair or report any problems to the Board. Determine if playground equipment is in need of sanding and staining. Typically this is done before school starts in the fall. Mulch must be checked and if required delivered and spread under the climbing equipment. (At least 5 yards of playground wood chips should be used at the time of spring cleanup and as early as weather permits. Mulch Mart on Route 17M in New Hampton supplies playground wood chips. Mulch and playground wood chips are not the same. Specify “playground wood chips.”) Earth Day in April is a great day to schedule this work and make a family-friendly event. Reach out to the community to recruit teens in need of community service hours.

In August – Before School Starts
Prior to the first “Big Clean” by the Housekeeping Committee, the inside of the GAPNS classroom, playroom, foyer, and PLUS Program room should be checked for safety and maintenance. Touch-up painting on windowsills, doorways, and other high-traffic areas should be completed in time to dry before the Housekeeping Committee is scheduled to clean.


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