Our school is a happy and thriving place because of the energy our families put into it!  The only ones who are paid for their hard work are our teachers.  The rest is up to us.  Below you will find a list of our various committees and chairperson positions.  There is a place for everyone here, no matter their schedule or skill set. 


BUILDING & GROUNDS:  The chairperson and their crew maintain indoor and outdoor equipment as needed.  Access to tools and a truck are necessary for such tasks as repairing classroom fixtures and mulching the playground. Click here for more

FINANCIAL REVIEW:  Are you good with numbers?  This position reviews the school’s finances on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

FUNDRAISING AND SPECIAL EVENTS:  This committee plans the parties and puts the FUN in fundraising!  Two strong chairpersons are needed to lead the team in hosting our events and to put together a plan for the year with the executive board. Click here for more

PHOTOGRAPHY & ARCHIVES:  A good camera and computer skills are a must for this committee.  Members take photos of school parties and special events for our yearbook and PR purposes. Click here for more

HOUSEKEEPING:  Cleaning happens bi-monthly and members work in teams of 4-6 people on a rotating basis to clean the classrooms.   Each member of the committee is also responsible for attending 1 of the 3 BIG CLEANS during the school year. Click here for more

NEWSLETTER:  The monthly newsletter is published online.  Basic graphic design skills and computer literacy are helpful when compiling information from the teachers and committee chairs. 

PUBLIC RELATIONS:  Our PR team makes sure that GAPNS remains visible in the community by publicizing our events through the local newspapers, social media, Chamber of Commerce, etc.  A great marketing strategy is key in having well-attended Open Houses and successful Registrations. Click here for more

PURCHASER:  The Purchaser shops for paper products, cleaning supplies and basics for the school such as paper cups, plates, wipes, and toilet paper.

SCHOLASTIC SALES & BOOK FAIR:  GAPNS offers its members the opportunity to order books and materials from Scholastic monthly.   Members of this committee distribute the fliers and process and coordinate the orders.  Our Book Fair happens over three days and during the February Open House. Click here for more

CLASS MOM:  Class Moms are the ones who we count on to spread the word.  One representative from each class acts as a liaison between their class and the Executive Board.  Expectations include sharing information with their class, arranging playdates outside of school, volunteering as a substitute teacher, and maintaining the community spirit.  Class moms are also responsible for coordinating holiday and end-of-year gifts for our teachers. 

WEBMASTER:  Our website is how many people initially learn about our school.  The webmaster keeps GAPNS.com up to date.